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Reseach Chairs and Professorships

We are proud to be home to these world leading researchers.

Canada Research Chairs - Tier I

NameDepartmentField of Research
Mark Daymond Mechanical and Materials Engineering Mechanics of Materials
A. Jeffrey Giacomin  Chemical Engineering Rheology
Praveen Jain Electrical and Computer Engineering Telecom Power Electronics
Ian Moore Civil Engineering Infrastructure Engineering
Ugo Piomelli Mechanical and Materials Engineering Computational Turbulence
Kerry Rowe Civil Engineering Civil and Geoenvironmental Engineering
David Thomson Mathematics and Engineering Statistics and Signal Processing

Canada Research Chairs - Tier II

NameDepartmentField of Research
Pascale Champagne Civil Engineering Bioresources Engineering
Andy Take Civil Engineering Geotechnical Engineering
Ying Zou Electrical and Computer Engineering Software Evolution

Queen's Research Chairs

NameDepartmentField of Research
John Cartledge Electrical & Computer Engineering Fibre-Optic Communications
Andrew Daugulis Chemical Engineering Biochemical and Cell Culture Engineering
Randy Ellis

School of Computing
Mechanical and Materials Engineering

New Technologies for Computer-Assisted Surgery

NSERC Chairs

NameDepartmentField of Research
Mark Daymond Mechanical and Materials Engineering Nuclear Materials 

Named Chairs and Professorships

NameDepartmentChair or Professorship
Brian Amsden Chemical Engineering Donald and Joan McGeachy Chair in Biomedical Engineering
Laeeque Daneshmend Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining Noranda-Falconbridge Chair in Mine-Mechanical Engineering
Amir Fam Civil Engineering Donald and Sarah Munro Chair in Engineering and Applied Science
Brian Frank Electrical and Computer Engineering DuPont Canada Chair in Engineering Education, Research and Development
Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining Geological Engineering Helen and Arthur Stollery Professor in Mining Engineering & Geological Engineering
Steve McKinnon Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining Chair in Mine Design, Government of Ontario
Mario Morin  Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining Kinross Professorship in Mining Health & Safety
Scott Parent Chemical Engineering Hazell Research Professor in Chemical Design and Innovation