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Queen's is one of Canada's leading research-intensive universities - a place many of Canada's most outstanding researchers call home. The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science currently has more than 400 highly motivated graduate students of exceptional ability from around the world. Details on our facilities, our people, and our programs can be found on this web site.

News & Events

CSA austronaut Jeremy Hansen scheduled to visit ILC Friday
Canadian Space Agency astronaut Jeremy Hansen is set to speak with Queen's engineering students in ILC Friday.

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A conversation with Amir Fam
Queen’s civil engineering professor Amir Fam was named Associate Dean (Research and Graduate Studies) earlier this ssummer. He’s got big shoes to fill but big aspirations with which to fill them. What are his plans?

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PHOTOS: Balloon car challenge to APSC 200 students
Second-year Queen's engineering students started out the term with a balloon car design challenge. They had to build a rolling craft from supplied parts to compete against other teams for greatest distance on a single balloon and best accuracy in stopping on a target.

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2016 SELF Applications
The Shell Experiential Learning Opportunities Fund is now accepting applications - find out more...

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VIDEO: Queen's Engineer, Chris Roney
Chris Roney is a Queen's engineer, President of Roney Engineering here in Kingston and also President of Engineers Canada. He provided to some generous support this summer for Connections: The Queen's Summer Engineering Academy. He also had some really nice things to say about Queen's and the Connections program on a recent visit. Many thanks, Chris.

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