Mining Engineering

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The following faculty members in Mining Engineering are available to supervise engineering graduate students. Contact information and further details on their areas of expertise can be obtained by clicking on the faculty member's name.

James Archibald
  • Radioactive Material/Radon Gas Barriers
  • Rapidly-deployable Spray-on Membrane Supports
  • Cement Binder Replacement in Backfill
  • Environmental Assessment for New Mine Developments

Laeeque Daneshmend
  • Maintenance management
  • Mining automation
  • Reliability analysis

Boyd Davis
  • Integrated process development
  • chemical thermodynamics
  • molten salts
  • chlorination chemistry

Euler De Souza
  • Mine Ventilation
  • Mine Environment
  • Instrumentation
  • Backfill

Ahmad Ghahremaninezhad
  • Hydrometallurgy and biohydrometallurgy
  • Mineral processing wastes and their remediation
  • Electrochemical dissolution of complex minerals (fundamental studies)
  • Flowsheet design and modeling

Takis Katsabanis
  • Blasting
  • Detonation physics
  • Fragmentation
  • Vibration

Sadan Kelebek
  • Mineral Processing Technology
  • Process & Tailing Environment
  • Computer Assisted Process Analysis
  • Complex Sulphides and Pyrrhotite Rejection

Joshua Marshall

Dr. Marshall’s research focuses on mining systems, field robotics, and automation. His work involves the development and application of methods for perception, modelling, analysis, and control of mining equipment and processes.

Steve McKinnon
  • Stress fields in complex geological environments
  • mine design in high stress conditions
  • mining induced seismicity
  • geodynamics modeling of the earth's crust

John Peacey
  • Pyrometallurgy

Chris Pickles
  • Processes and the Environment
  • Advanced Pyrometallurgy
  • Process Engineering for Metals Extraction
  • Advanced Metals Extraction

Ursula Thorley
  • Mine design for open pit mines
  • Mine reclamation and closure
  • Mined waste management
  • Tailing facility planning