Electrical and Computer Engineering

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The following faculty members in Electrical and Computer Engineering are available to supervise engineering graduate students. Contact information and further details on their areas of expertise can be obtained by clicking on the faculty member's name.

Please note that given the multidisiplinary nature of engineering, many faculty are members of more than one research group, and can also hold cross appointments to other departments.


S. Blostein
  • Communications systems
  • Smart antennas
  • Wireless and cellular signal processing

G. Chan
  • Multimedia communications
  • Signal compression
  • Source-channel coding
  • Speech signal processing

S. Gazor
  • Cognitive and distributed signal processing
  • Communication systems
  • Statistical signal processing

M. Ibnkahla
  • Adaptive signal processing
  • Cognitive networks
  • Cognitive radio
  • Wireless sensor networks

I.-M. Kim
  • Bi-directional communications
  • Cooperative diversity networks
  • Wireless network coding and physical network coding

S. Yousefi
  • Communication and information theory
  • Wireless and high-speed networks, 4G+: LTE, WiMAX, WiFi

Computer and Software Engineering

A. Afsahi
  • Computing clusters
  • Interconnects, network protocol stacks
  • Message-passing

T.R. Dean
  • Evolution of software systems
  • Modeling of web sites
  • Source code analysis

N. Manjikian
  • Parallel processing
  • Processor-memory integration for system-on-chip

Y. Zou
  • Program comprehension
  • Software quality control
  • Software re-engineering & maintenance

Microelectronics, Electromagnetics and Photonics

J.C. Cartledge
  • Fiber-optic communication systems
  • Semiconductor optical modulators
  • Signal processing for digital coherent systems

B.M. Frank
  • CMOS for high speed circuit design
  • Monolithic microwave integrated circuits

A.P. Freundorfer
  • Gigabit/sec optical communications circuits
  • Monolithic microwave integrated circuits

C.E. Saavedra
  • Microwave integrated circuits
  • Non-linear circuits
  • Operational transconductance amplifiers

S. Yam
  • Multimode optical Fiber for Local Area Networks (LAN)
  • Fiber Based Optical Sensors
  • Ultra-wide Band Optical Amplifiers

Power Electronics

A. Bakhshai
  • FACTs devices
  • Harmonic detection and active power devices
  • High power electronics

P.K. Jain
  • Connector-less power transfer
  • High frequency power converters

Y.-F. Liu
  • Low output voltage converters
  • Next generation on-board power modules

Biomedical and Intelligent Systems

M. Greenspan
  • Machine vision methods for pose estimation
  • Robotic manipulator collision detection

K. Hashtrudi-Zaad
  • Arm biomechanics
  • Robot-assisted medical intervention
  • Robot control
  • Telefobotics and haptics

M.J. Korenberg
  • Computational biology and bioinformatics
  • Nonlinear system representation
  • Time series analysis and system identification

E.L. Morin
  • Electromyographic signal processing
  • Ergonomics and human performance
  • Muscle activation to force modeling

K. Rudie
  • Decentralized control of discrete-event systems
  • Modeling of emergency response protocols