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Queen's is one of Canada's leading research-intensive universities - a place many of Canada's most outstanding researchers call home. The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science currently has more than 400 highly motivated graduate students of exceptional ability from around the world. Details on our facilities, our people, and our programs can be found on this web site.

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PROFILE: Rock Mechanics Lab at Queen's
Upgrades include two arrays of computers with customized software, which make it easy for learners to monitor results even as they watch their rocks being tested. And more students can work in the once-cluttered labs.

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PROFILE: The Alan Bauer Explosives Laboratory
The Complete Engineer explores Alan Bauer Explosives Laboratory, part of the Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining at Queen’s University. It’s a world class facility north of campus where mining engineering students learn to measure and control blasting.

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VIDEO: Daugulis wins OPEA
Queen’s Chemical Engineering Professor Andrew Daugulis has been awarded the Engineering Medal for Research and Development by Professional Engineers Ontario.

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Fighting osteoarthritis at the HMRL
The Human Mobility Research Laboratory (HMRL) is a state-of-the-art performance-testing facility where engineers, basic scientists and clinicians use sophisticated equipment to study the biomechanics of knee osteoarthritis and evaluate the effectiveness of innovative surgical and non-surgical treatments.

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VIDEO: Kelly MacGillis: Mining engineering student profile
“The mining industry is incredibly dynamic,” says Queen’s mining engineering student Kelly MacGillis. “It’s constantly changing, constantly evolving. There are so many opportunities to grow and to make a positive, lasting impact.”

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